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By becoming an Artesicura customer you will never be alone. The care and protection of your collection is a constant commitment on your part, but also on our part.

Are you interested in receiving protection assistance for your artworks already protected by Artesicura?


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Subscribing a protection with Artesicura is convenient: at your disposal and for any request you can call our toll-free number 800 68 14 or contact us via email to receive free advice from our experts.

With our first assistance you can receive a wide range of services from our specialists who, based on a quick questionnaire, photographs and videos, can define the extent of your problem and help you solve it. With Artesicura the protection and prevention of your collection is guaranteed.

We believe that our historical and artistic heritage is fundamental for social growth and a greater understanding of the contemporary world. Protecting it is everyone’s responsibility.

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